26. Mr. Mark Knesl (m.knesl@btinternet.com) & (mark.knesl@mbis.org) Mercedes Benz International School India to LONDON-SE19 1HJ (UK)

27. Ms.Penny Fidler (pfidler@muwci.net) - Mahindra united world colleges India to Wetherby LS 22 7GB West Yorkshire (UK)

28. Mr.Narendra Gore (narengore@yahoo.com) & (rashmigore70@yahoo.com) India to CUMMING-ATLANTA 30041 (USA).

29. Mr. Robert Garrard (robert.garrard@mbis.org) Mercedes Benz International School India to Leeds LONDON (UK)

30. Mr.Darshan Singh (ds161175@gmail.com) & (dollydarshan@hotmail.com) India to Frisco-Dallas Texas-75034 (USA)

31. Dr.Tulika Sigh (tulika@btinternet.com) & (das_dheera@yahoo.co.uk) & (kaustuv_das@yahoo.co.uk) & (kaustuv_das@yahoo.com) India to Manchester (UK)

32. Mrs. Jaya Sagar Udavat (jayajoshi0285@yahoo.co.in) & (sagar_iitm@yahoo.co.in) India to Singapore.

33. Ms. N. Ladeisha Bhide (bhide.nlp@gmail.com) & (vjbhide@gmail.com) India to Edinburgh-EH8 9BZ (UK)

34. Mr. Vishwakanth Reddy Chinthakuntla (bijlanipaf@rediffmail.com) India to Richardson, TX – 75082. USA.

35. Mr. Mahesh Inamdar (mahesh.inamdar@honeywell.com) India to Queensland 4170, Brisbane- Australia.

36. Mr. Ved Goswami - Planning manager, tekfen constructions (ved_goswami@rediffmail.com) India to Doha Qatar.

37. Mr. Kapil Wahi (kapilwahi@gmail.com) India to Makati city Philippines Manila.

38. Mr. Rajiv Mehta (rajiv@intralin.com & jsheth@mtnl.net.in) India to Laurel, MD 20707 –USA.

39. Mr. Shantanil Chakraborty (shantanil@gmail.com & SChakraborty@us.mufg.jp) India to Princeton, NJ-USA (08540) I received the shipment. Packaging was very good and so far everything looks in order. I haven't got the chance to open all boxes but I appreciate the quality of packaging and the helping hand you provided. I'll remember your assistance.

I know I can trust you. Good work and Thanks you!

40. Mrs. Sangeeta Sandeep Shah (sandeep@merit.co.ke & sandeepshah2003@gmail.com & sangishah2000@yahoo.co.uk) India to Nairobi –Kenya.

41. Mr.Peter Andrist (andrist.peter@gmx.net) The Ambassador's Sky Chef India to Abu Dhabi.

42. Ms. Catherine (catherine_forsayeth@hotmail.com) India to Melbourne-Australia.

43. Ms. Heather (heatherhoneycutt@rocketmail) India to USA.

44. Ms. Sushma Agrawal (sushma102@yahoo.com) India to Lincoln- Nebraska and Phoenix USA.

45. Mr. Manoj Modak (manojmodak@hotmail.com & Manoj@singpost.com) India to Singapore.

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