Its not always that you are ready to take delivery of your personal effects when your goods arrive at destination, there are times when you are moving for a short time assignment and you need to keep goods in storage/warehouse or you are moving long term to a furnished accommodation and you have to keep goods in storage for an extended period of time.

Storage long or short term, needs to be protected from elements and the way to pack for storage shipments is a little different than the way to pack for when you moving from one location to another.

Goods with go on short term storage or long term storage/warehouse (short term being minimum one month), It's imperative that you find a good storage solution, most relocation companies keep goods in lift-vans (A lift-van is a large wooden box which is sealed shut ones the goods are stored in it and the nature of the box is such that it's protects it from the elements).

Care relocation provides storage/warehouse solutions at most locations in India and overseas and goods can be either storage for short and long term. We provide storage for all kind of goods and items like, furniture, computers, house hold goods, Office goods, electrical components, etc.

Our storage facilities are secured, pest free and fumigated on a regular basis, we also provide storage insurance for your personal effects.

Homes as well as offices are getting smaller and smaller and real estate prices are increasing these days, As a result many individuals are downsizing and putting extra goods in storage. Items that are not needed at the point or can not be accommodated (because of some restructuring activity, lack of space etc.) can be safely kept in warehouses for a specified time frame. Also, due to security reasons, just in time practices and many other factors, the warehousing or storage facility has gained special importance. There can be several other reasons because of which private people and businesses need to store goods. Warehouses can safely and conveniently store Computers, documents (in racked archive storage to individual specially designed storage crates), Home furnishings, Antiques, Furs, Linens, Mattresses, Electronic Equipment, Musical Instruments and innumerable other stuff.

Relocare provide best warehousing and storage services for storing goods for a short and long time frame. We provide excellent corporate warehouse facility and storage go-downs with comprehensive security that too at very reasonable rates. We provide round the clock security of goods in the warehouse and all necessary support required for clients to reduce overheads, increase efficiency and cut down valuable management time.

Relocare owns specially designed warehouse that are temperature and dust controlled. These seismic proof & fire resistant structures meet the highest international safety standards. 24-hour digitized access control and surveillance systems integrated with smoke / fire alarms and dry fire fighting facilities make these centers the ideal solution for Disaster Recovery Systems.

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